Whiteinch Nursery School
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Management Team

Geraldine Dolan  Head of Centre 
Sarah Garcia Acting Depute Head of Centre   
Anne Lightbody Team Leader (Downstairs)
Sandra McKellar-Buchanan Team Leader (Upstairs)
Claire Smith Lead Practitioner Attainment

Clerical Staff

Support for Learning Workers

Lesley Paterson

Raychelle Pinder


 Support Staff

Diane Johnston Janitor
Cathy Berry Senior Catering Assistant
Mina Love  Catering Assistant


Stepping Stones for Families

Pauline McFadden Family Wellbeing Worker


Child Development Officers

Jackie Doyle Cherry Keyworker
Lily Foote Henry              Banana Keyworker
June McCluskey Strawberry Keyworker
Kayleigh Hunter  Apple Keyworker
Gemma Harris Blueberry Keyworker
Nicola Martin Orange Keyworker
Stephanie Richards  
Colette Brown  
Rebecca Reid  
Yvonne Baird  
Ruth Struthers Cherry Keyworker
Ali Youd Banana Keyworker
Roisin Grimley Strawberry Keyworker
Lynne Hazelton Strawberry Keyworker
Claire Kitson Apple Keyworker
Laura Bryers Blueberry Keyworker
Janette Maclean Orange Keyworker
Aisha Khan  
Elaine McGoldrick  
Mary Heaney  
2 - 3 Room  
Mandy McGill Sunflowers
Shona McGill Daffodils
Stephanie Peters Daisies
Mary Heaney  Daisies

Staff Photographs

Staff photographs can be found on the wall in the main entrance of the nursery.